Foxy BingoWonder Bingo is quite popular already; see it’s been a free bingo game you could find on Facebook. But they recently decided to switch to a pay site and are still looking for more people to come on board to play at their site. When they were on Facebook they had a ton of fans, well over 400,000, and the ratings they received were fabulous as well.

So it’s no wonder they decided to switch over to a pay to play site that will offer players even more, including cash when they win. After all there are a lot of applications out there on Social networking sites, but not all of them have that many players or rank up so high either. You can find bingo as well as casino and slot games at this new site they’ve just opened up too.

It’s a site that is worth stopping by to check out as well, because you can get a free no deposit bonus of 5 pounds, but you’ll love this site too. The full launch took place only on Wednesday at 7 pm. When you sign up though you can get the 5 pounds free, plus that first deposit will be matched at 200 percent and up to an amount of 150 pounds. All other deposits you make on your account will earn you a match of 50 percent too!

They’ve based a lot of things on what people said would make them a better site on Facebook. So it’s a very fan friendly site and one that will offer you a ton of things to play. Get over right now and you’ll be able to find out if they’ve made the right move too!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 9, 2011