Though they aren’t here yet, this site will be coming to you soon. It’s a site that will use the Dragonfish network to operate and is another site from the people who in the past brought you Shampoo bingo as well as Bingo in the Sun. Red Carpet Bingo will give you another choice of where to play your bingo games and other choices.

Of course you will find a lot of the same offers you can currently see at the other two sites. But still they plan on offering you a bit more than you can find any place else too. A lot of the hard work and development of any online bingo spot is in the promotions that are offered. Creativeness will often outweigh quite a few other things when it comes to bringing people into play at a new site.

You may be able to locate a bit more information on the site if you go over to Facebook and check out the Shampoo Bingo and the Bingo in the Sun sites. You can see the enthusiasm that is brought to the development of these bingo sites. With that enthusiasm they may well bring you a fabulous bingo spot to play your bingo when Red Carpet Bingo opens up.

Though not much else is really known right now what Red Carpet Bingo will be like or what they will offer. You can guess that they will come out of the gate with some of the best offers. When a spot first opens the doors for business they will often offer some very excellent offers for new players. So keep looking out for more information on Red Carpet Bingo as we learn it, and bring it to you!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on February 26, 2011