wink-bingoHey do you want 12,000 pounds to pay your bills for a year? You need to get over to Wink Bingo and you can win that money and pay all your bills for a full year. Many people run up those credit cards over Christmas, but what about the normal monthly bills that you have? Now at popular UK bingo site Wink Bingo you can play the Wink pays you 12K. The game will be going on in a 75 ball bingo room and take place on January 29th at 9pm. All you need to do is be there and you can play. You can either buy those tickets that will run you 1 pound per chance. Or you can also earn those points to buy some tickets.

A total of 500 points will get you one ticket. But you still need to know how you can add up those points to win! For each time you spend 25 pounds on those instant games you will be receiving a point. While every five pounds on bingo games is going to get you two points. If you hit for bingo on number 29 you are going to get five points. While a win with a pattern of a house will get you another ten points. If you send in something that you love about Wink Bingo plus an idea of how they get better you will get 25 points. Finally for twelve reasons why you should be a person who wins that 12K you will get another 50 points. You have up until the 27th to accumulate your free points so get to working on that right now. Be there on the 29th of January and get your shot at 12K and your bills paid for the whole year with Wink Bingo!

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This news post was written by Christy Tanner on January 4, 2010