Jackpot FiestaVery unfortunate News for any members of Titan Bingo today — this relatively new online bingo site is closing down this evening, and any players with funds remaining are advised to withdraw them as soon as possible. Titan Bingo, which is part of the Titan Bet and Titan Casino group came to the online bingo scene in spring 2010. Operating on the Playtech software, and offering enormous free bingo bonuses wasn’t enough to keep its head above water, and today, the last games of bingo will be played.

So why did Titan Bingo close down? We can only speculate. Perhaps it is something to do with a massively over-saturated online bingo market. The savvy bingo online player can choose over 300 different sites and to be fair, Titan Bingo didn’t really make the grade when it came to exciting prizes or promotions. It seems today that players want holidays, cruises and luxury goods Titan Bingo offered none of these as promotional incentives, and also the site could hardly be called attractive. The design of the homepage featured somewhat scary faces on bingo balls and a lacklustre colour scheme.

Also closing is Bingo Day, another site which evidently didn’t make the grade. For members at both of the above sites, it is a sad day, but the reduction in competition for other UK bingo sites will surely be welcomed. Commiserations go to the Titan Bingo staff and Bingo Day employees and also to any members who have lost their favourite place to play bingo online.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 3, 2010