You can tell it’s getting to be spring by looking outside. But it’s getting heated for these great May promotions that are being announced by online bingo sites. Now we have Gala Bingo with some really awesome online bingo promotions that will have people enjoying the fact that they are members of this wonderful online bingo site. They are giving some fabulous lower prices for tickets and even added in some really nice link games to the schedule. Meaning more money and paying a lot less money for tickets, it’s a deal that you can’t pass up. With this link you will be playing for some fabulous jackpots like 1000 GBP in games that you pay very little to play.

Offered each day of the week you can find a different game for a different amount at Gala Bingo. Here is an example of what you can find with these link games, at 1:30 in the afternoon play for a one line win of 50 GBP, two lines 150 GBP and a full house will get you 300 Pounds. The price of the ticket for that game is going to be only 2 p! While at 3:30 in the afternoon you have a game that will cost you 3 p and you will be playing for 200 pounds for a one line win, 300 pounds for two lines, and 600 for the full house.

But there are many other games to find at value prices and great jackpots, you have another at 5:30 and it will only be 2 p per card and you can win the same as that first game 50,150, or 300. At 9:30 in the evening you can play a game that will cost you 5 p but you can win 200 pounds for a one line win, 300 for the two lines, and 1000 GBP for that full house. Deals are great with this new offer and you have many more that are offered through the day. To find the schedule just head over to Gala Bingo today and check it out. Play for great jackpots and low ticket prices with this fabulous new offer from Gala.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 5, 2010