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With so many great offers and games to pick from it will be hard for you to pull yourself off this site. So be ready to find a new home where you will enjoy many great promotions and daily offers. Try for that daily amount of 150 GBP with that Vitamin C daily game that is played only at Moon Bingo. The Vitamin C stands for cash in case you missed that! When you win this daily jackpot you will also have another chance to play and win the same amount that same night at 8:30 pm. So get those tickets and see if you can walk away with a healthy dose Vitamin C today!

Free bingo at Moon bingo is something out of this world. You can win money and this isn’t just a small amount of money either. Each month Moon Bingo will give out 100,000 GBP in free game winnings. That is the most that you will find out there, and you have seven rooms that you can pick to play in. Plus you have other promotions where the prizes are even more. Check out not only the free bingo tab, but also that tab that says specials on it for the deals. Play some out of the world bingo at Moon Bingo today.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 10, 2010