Crown Bingo PromoA lot of the offers you will find at many online bingo sites right now are those for a summer vacation chance. The same can be said with the current offer you will find at Crown Bingo. It’s a chance for a free vacation, and well you really can’t find a better chance to vacation then one that is paid for by someone else! It’s like the rich uncle deciding to send you a ticket to visit them, but well this time the uncle is Crown Bingo and you get the vacation by playing in this promotion and winning it!

What do you have to do to win? Well you will need to be a member and have deposited at least a bit of money on your account. Plus you will need to spend at least 20 GBP on those bingo games that you find at Crown Bingo. You have many choices of which game you can play, mix it up and play more than one, and perhaps you’ll win money too!

If you do this you will be entered into the drawing and have a shot at that vacation they are giving away. It will be one that is going to be worth 500 GBP and there are many places that you may head off to see! The trip itself is going to be provided by that holiday site you can find online Ice Lolly. The winning player just isn’t positive where they may be going, but again it’s going to be paid for and that’s the best vacation you can ever find.

There is also a chance right now for you to win tickets to the movies for your family. This is through the Family Movie pass offer that is going on. Check it out by playing those fabulous chat games that you will find at Crown Bingo.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on July 7, 2010