Steamy BingoEverything about Steamy Bingo is fun and frisky, not to mention red hot. If you find ironing a drag, you need to pay a visit to Steamy now. You could be winning a very naughty ironing board cover — the perfect companion to those boring household chores. The cover is emblazoned with a muscular hunk, wearing very little to preserve his dignity. And then when you iron over his trunks, OOPS! They disappear, revealing EVERYTHING. To go into the prize draw, just deposit £10 on bingo or any other game.

VIP Tuesdays

Elsewhere at Steamy Bingo, we’re getting hot under the collar about VIP games every Tuesday. These will be open for an extra hour of free bingo with big money prizes. There are three free games and seven Superbooks games — what a night it will be.

Scorching Bingo Linx games

At Steamy Bingo, Linx games are hotter than most. Play at midday for a £1500 prize, play at 6 PM for £2500 prize, play 9:30 PM for £1000 prize, and get your eyes down at 10:30 PM for a £4000 prize. Definitely make a date in your diary to be Steamy Bingo on the last Sunday of the month too, where you could be winning a huge £10,000.

Playtime starts here

Register at Steamy Bingo right now, and the fun begins immediately. There is a £25 bonus when you deposit £10, plus £1 free. Steamy Bingo is for girls who don’t blush, and those who like their bingo action hot and fast. Have fun!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on September 26, 2011