Well Easter is getting closer and that means it is getting close to the time that you can win your own Easter Nest Egg. All you have to do is play at Posh Bingo this next weekend and you may walk away with some money! That’s right you will have a ton of free play bingo that will be going on through the entire weekend that is coming up. We are telling you so early, one so you will be prepared, and two so that you can get ready. Oh yeah you will have games that you can still play and pay, but those free offers are great too!

Head for some Posh Swag and you will pay only 50 p and have a chance to win 500 GBP. It’s one awesome promotion that is offered to those members of Posh Bingo. But you know that you can still join and play too! They will be adding in another 250 GBP for their top 5 players in bingo and game winners this week too. So you don’t need to wait until the weekend for great promotions to be offered. Take your chance to see if you can win one of those big games, there is a total of 2,000 GBP to be given away for the Easter Nest Egg chance.

Or play some of those Easter Bunny pattern games; they only cost a small 1 p for each ticket. There are always many of wonderful offers that are going on at Posh Bingo. Free bingo, cheap bingo, big jackpots, and a lot of fun. Those are all things that you will find when you head over to the site of Posh Bingo. Check them out today and be ready for some serious playing this coming weekend.

This offer is valid for bingo players from the UK; if you live in the USA seek out to Gone Bingo or other USA Bingo Sites.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 29, 2010