It’s never too late to discuss an on line bingo winner that we may have missed reporting. This time the game was actually held back on Valentine’s Day at Sky Bingo. The special Bingo Linx game was held on this day and the prize was a nice amount of 8,000 GBP. The player, from Norwich, Midges481 won this total; it was a surprise for him and one that he was very happy about. Not very often do you see a man play and win for online bingo games as bingo online is something that mostly tends to have females playing. But the guys are finding that this game is fun, and they can win too.

Such is the case for Midges481, and his wonderful win. He stated that he used to dream about winning, but never thought it would happen to him. But now it has, and he is planning on buying some special things for his two little ones. He has two boys, ages two and four. He sure to become free of debt to now that he has this money. There was a one line winner from the same game this time it was a new player to the site. Judith A, won a nice amount of 2,000 GBP, she plans on paying some bills and fixing up the car with her money.

So perhaps everyone out there who thinks they can’t win should take a lesson from these two. It is possible and no matter how long you’ve been playing you can still win. Heck in the past we have seen winners who only joined a few days before hitting for some really nice cash prizes. Just because you can’t dream it happening to you, well it doesn’t mean that one day you may be looking and seeing a huge win!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 24, 2010