Ruby Bingo UKIt’s not far away at all the big wedding that is, and because of that you can see that Ruby Bingo has some fabulous prizes. Is it because they want to celebrate the Royal Wedding like everyone else, or just because they are a great bingo spot for you to play at? Well a bit of both really and if you want to celebrate along with them feel free to do so!

Just go over right now and join this site that really gives you a great bonus right off the bat. At Ruby Bingo you can get a free 16 pounds just for making an account, that’s right no deposit is needed to get that money and test out this site. You’ll love it and will want to make that first deposit shortly after signing up and getting your no deposit money though.

They are in fact playing it up a bit with the Royal wedding coming along and have some fabulous Royal Doulton China that they are going to give to lucky members. It’s all part of a great promotion they have going on, but not the only one you will find there either. To see more just get over to that promotions page and you can not only learn more about the Royal Celebration they have planned but many other fabulous things they have going on too.

Again though you are going to need to be a member of this spot to enjoy their promotions, but that is quite simple to accomplish. Get over there today and join the ranks of other people who love Ruby Bingo. Get that free 16 pounds to use on those many games you’ll love and play to win some china and many other fabulous prizes!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 17, 2011