That’s what you would call the World right now, World Cup crazy, but the same could be said about the online bingo world. Everywhere you turn you are finding another World Cup promotion that is being offered. It’s a plethora of offers that have to do with everything World Cup. Sure it’s nice to see such a large event taking place, and the people who all are supporting their favorite teams. But for those widows who are known as the ones that have husbands that are stuck in front of the TV. Well they need something to do, and that is why these places are offering fabulous chances at prizes.
So if you don’t really like to watch football, well you have something else you can do and here are some of those promotions that you may head to play. They each give you a chance to win money or prizes. So head on over to check out Virgin Bingo and play some free bingo. They will be offering it every 90 minutes and the money will get larger that you can win as each match passes!

While another location that you should check into is that at Ladbrokes Bingo. Again you can find some free bingo that will be offered each time a new match begins. Plus it will last the whole time the match is being played. So that will give you 105 minutes that you will be playing for free at Ladbrokes, and you can win some money too! There are plenty of other offers that you can find online dealing with World Cup games too. Like Bingo Hollywood that has plenty of choices for different games that have the World Cup theme. These are in no way the only offers you will find, but just a few to mention!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 15, 2010