It’s just a fact of life; the free no deposit offers you find online are nice. Though you may not be able to find near as many as you once did, you still have a few places that will give you some sort of free money. The fact is though that a lot of the times when you see free money being offered it will be after you’ve made a deposit onto a newly created account.

However, this is not the case with Dream Bingo, because right now you can get a free 15 pounds with no deposit needed. That’s right this is one of the few that you can still find online that will give you a bunch of free money to test out their site.

The best thing besides the fact you get a full 15 pounds, is that once you do make a deposit you can get it matched up to 300 percent. Though they will only give you a total of 60 pounds from this
offer that is still a lot of money to start with on your account.

This is one location that you may not have heard a bunch about in the past, but they do have some fabulous promotions. Right now you have the Happy Holidays giveaway where you can earn some bonus bucks. Those bucks are something that you can use to play free bingo too. There will be a total of over 7,000 bonus bucks that will be given out during this month.

Don’t forget that coming up at the end of the month you will have a chance to play for 10,000 pounds as well. This is a bingo game that will take place at the end of each month too. The game will be played at 10 pm at night and you just never know if you will be the lucky winner unless you try.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on January 1, 2012