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On line bingo is definitely the game of the future. Punters have been speculating when the popularity of playing this game will wane, and have not come to a conclusion as yet. In fact it is anticipated that this year will see another 25% of growth for many operators. Certainly many sites are reacting to this anticipated growth pattern and are coming up with even more new on line bingo sites. On line bingo in the UK is particularly active – just this week, two new sites launched. They are coming on line far behind a pack of hundreds of well established sites with massive networks of players so they have to be offering something extra special. New on line bingo sites are going to have to fight for their market share in this aggressive industry, in order to reach the top.

This is very good news for the on line bingo player, the more sites we have to choose from, the better! The industry is incredibly competitive and although this may create difficulties for your decision making skills, there will still be tons of brilliant bonuses, promotions, games, draws and prizes to opt for. Don’t for a moment think that only the new sites will have the best offers. This is not the case at all, remember the established sites want to hang onto their market share, they are already profitable and have a strong leg to stand on, and they want to keep their members and keep them coming back.

We are already seeing major trend changes at some bingo sites, for example William Hill Bingo. This site has been around for a while, but the UK trend dictates “free bingo” with real cash prizes is extremely popular. William Hill has responded aggressively to this trend and offers the most amazing free bingo games, regular as clockwork and ongoing too. The change at this site has been dramatic and they are inline with some of the most prominent free on line bingo sites.

At the end of the day what makes you join an on line bingo site will be what appeals to you presonally. It doesn’t ever pay to join loads of different sites, because that way the long term benefits of membership are diluted. But certainly, if the site where you are currently a member is not looking out for you in terms of up-to-date promotional offers and rewarding you for loyalty. You should find an on line bingo site which does – it is not only their future which counts, yours does too!

It is worth mentioning that in many instances it has been observed that players confuse on line bingo with line bingo; in the following paragraphs you can best understand what the difference is in order for you to best familiarize yourself with the principles of the actual game.

Line Bingo

Line bingo or 90 Ball Bingo is the favourite game in the UK, this game offers three chances to win; on one line which is generally the smallest prize; on two lines the next biggest prize, and on the “full house” which is the top prize and it is this prize which means all of the numbers in the bingo card have been filled – when this happens you shout BINGO! 75 ball bingo is the game which is favoured by US players and UK bingo sites which offer line bingo also generally offer 75 ball bingo. As the card in this game is a 5 x 5 grid, you don’t really play line bingo, you can play on patterns, corners, diagonals and all kinds of different ways, the same applies in the game of 80 ball bingo.

The Spanish variant of bingo is also a 90 ball game and it is also a line bingo game. Only this time there is only two prizes, one line and the full house. This means the prize split is less, so the prizes are generally bigger. A good example of a prize split in line bingo would be for a prize pool of say £1 000 for arguments sake. The one line bingo prize may be £100, two lines may be £200 and the full house may be £700. In cases where all three of these prizes is won by the same player, the game is considered to be a “Hat Trick” and the total prize pool of £1000 goes to the winner.

To make winning more accessible to more players there is a new trend in line bingo games. This trend has been taken up by many online bingo sites and this is to offer both 1TG and 2TG prizes. These prizes mean the prize pool is split even further and a small prize money is shared by all players with 1TG or 2TG on their bingo cards. This prize money could be £20 for 2TG and £30 in 1TG in which case the example of a £1 000 prize pool as used above would be split further, and the full house prize might be £650. There are many variations of line and other forms of bingo, this game is adaptable and it is combined with playing cards in Joker Jackpot Bingo, with a roulette wheel in Bingo Roulette, and even TV game shows in terms of Deal or No Deal and Price is Right bingo. Whatever the version of line bingo on offer, it is great fun and very lucrative to play if you win!

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