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The below list of online bingo sites presents the top online bingo sites that offer free bingo games. In every day language and in terms of online bingo games, these sites offer bingo players the opportunity to sign up an account and play bingo games without a minimum deposit requirement. Our bingo players will have the opportunity to test trial the games before they make the decision if they want to proceed with making a deposit and play bingo for cash. Free bingo is very much similar to no deposit bingo with the slight difference that some of the listed online bingo sites offer a permanent option to players to play bingo games with no deposit obligations; free bingo is both an opportunity to test the bingo games before deciding to play for money and overall an opportunity to test the environment of a particular online bingo site with an absolutely free bingo bonus.

Rank Bingo Site Free Bingo Bingo Bonus US Players
Melina Bingo Play at Melina Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Jackpot Fiesta Play at Jackpot Fiesta £15
Not Accepting US Players
Cyber Bingo Play at Cyber Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Costa Bingo Play at Costa Bingo £20
Not Accepting US Players
123 Bingo Online Play at 123 Bingo $25
Accepting US Players

Free bingo online is not a new thing, but the way it is used to promote a site and reward loyal players is actually quite new. Years ago, online bingo sites offered free bingo, but this was more along the lines of playing in fun mode, where no cash was won. Today this has all changed thanks to Cashcade, one of the larger of the online bingo groups of companies. Early in 2009, the launched a new site called Cheeky Bingo, we knew there was going to be something special bout this site and it was eagerly awaited. When it was launched it was launched with the new “free bingo model” which offers free bingo games with real cash money in the prize pot, and games available 24/7. In fact the Managing Director of Cashcade, Simon Collins is credited with this innovation, so you could say he is the inventor of the free bingo financial model. Now, as well as Cheeky Bingo, we find Costa Bingo, Foxy Zero and Little Big Bingo all offering 24/7 free bingo. This is not the only way to get free bingo at a site, but the beauty of playing bingo online is that so much is free and now, that even land based bingo halls are using this as a promotional tool. Depending upon the site, free bingo is offered at virtually every site in the UK in one form or another. This could be in the form of a certain amount of hours of free games during the course of daily play, or as a special free bingo game for promotional purposes where only depositors of that week are allowed to play. They may have a scheduled game every evening for a certain amount of prize money. Take for example 888 Ladies Bingo.

This site offers free bingo game all day long with fixed prize pots of £10, and they are played at either regularly scheduled times or ad hoc moments. Then every evening at 7p, on weekdays, they offer a game with a guaranteed £300 in the prize pot. Then on weekends this prize increases and becomes a guaranteed £500, and the only thing members of the site need to be to play in these games is a depositing player. Free bingo in this instance is used as a reward for loyal players. Virgin Bingo on the other hand, schedules a specific game, usually on the following weekend. This game normally has £1 000 split into £100 prizes, so a session with ten games is played, and member has to take part in special activities to be allowed into the special bingo room. The last promotion they had like this was themed on a locked safe, and members had to deposit and play on two consecutive days to receive two halves of an “unlock code”. Once both halves of the code were received, this was the players’ access key into the safe, and Virgin hosts variations on this theme quite regularly.

Bingo Free Online

Bingo free online – indeed, what more could you ask for? Taking a look at sites which offer bingo free online, we find that this game has changed the face of the International bingo industry with a clear direction towards a change in the UK. Today, if a site does not offer free bingo with real cash prizes, it isn’t worth you bothering with. Believe me, there are plenty of sites which have taken the bingo free online phenomenon to new heights and are only too happy to give away real prizes in return for your loyalty.

Just to name a few sites in addition to the ones already listed above, you have to name drop a bit! Costa Bingo, brilliant bingo free online, we don’t know how this site manages to put together a production like this, but they do. Costa Bingo is without a doubt the best of the bunch. In second place in our opinion is actually not a free bingo site per se, but they are aggressively responding to this new trend – William Hill Bingo; they have tons of free games with real prize money offers, and these change. In third place, again in our opinion only, would probably be Cheeky Bingo who were the original instigators of this state of affairs, so we have them to thank for this bingo free online innovation!

However any site which appeals to you should be the site to play and they have all got free bingo offers available. Some sites offer it in the form of free scratchies or other games. One of the sites which does this is Tombola Bingo. They are subtle about it, not because they don’t want you to play, but they are a very classy site. They are the Fortnum & Mason of British Bingo, and one of the most popular sites! Their free bingo game is the Treasure Map and to qualify to play for an entire week, members are required to spend £2 in the preceding week, which is not a huge amount of money. Members are then allowed to play every day for a week and they can win up to £500. No matter how you look at it this is still bingo free online.

Foxy Bingo also offers something different, the Tombola Draw which takes place on the Foxy Bingo Radio Show every Tuesday and Thursday night. Members claim their free tickets, logon and tune-in to the show and if they have the right numbers they can win £500 too; more if this game is a rollover, and absolutely free, simply qualify by being a depositing member!

Free Bingo Bonuses

Free bingo bonuses are bonuses which are given to players for registering with a site and these may or may not be forthcoming with a deposit having to be made. In other words, some sites offer a no-deposit bingo bonus and this is also free bingo. Once a player is registered at a site and they have made a first deposit, they are welcomed with a cash match and this is the first deposit bonus. As these bonus funds can only be used to buy bingo tickets, this is another way of looking at free bingo. Free bingo bonuses can be earned by collecting loyalty points and redeeming them for cash. For referring friends to a site and making sire they sign up successfully, and for playing in chat games, tourneys, team bingo and many other promotional features.

Team Bingo

Team bingo is a fantastic activity to get involved in, in particular if you are an avid online bingo player. They give away millions of loyalty points for winning these events and it is free to enter. Loyalty points can be redeemed for cash which essentially means free bingo and we take the example of Posh Bingo to explain this process. Because playing is all about team spirit, and because Posh Bingo is a trend setting site, they randomly place players in teams and change them around at the end of the competition after two weeks. This helps player to make more friends and keeps the games fair for everyone. Some players are stronger than others and some just have more luck. The main prize is 85 000 bingo points and this at redeemed value, equals £85. There are also runners up in team bingo and it goes down to 10th place where the team wins 8 000 BP’s. Other sites allow member to choose their own team, and if a player wants to play team bingo and doesn’t have a team, the site will place them in one. As a rule competitions play for a month and a winner is announced. The prize is shared amongst team members and this prize when shared out, will provide members with a fair amount of free bingo money to continue playing in the following month’s competition. For people who believe that you don’t get anything for nothing these days, free bingo is a wonderful way to prove them wrong. It is a widely accepted practice, particularly at UK bingo sites, and if a site doesn’t offer these games, they had better watch out because they will find their members migrating to sites which do offer free bingo.

It is important for new bingo players to note that each and every of the bingo sites above that offer online free bingo maintain a different climate or atmosphere in the bingo halls and of course they offer different gaming platforms (software) which varies in comments and feelings from different types of bingo players. The important note here is that it is a great opportunity with free bingo to trial all the above sites before making your first deposit.

Online bingo sites are making a great effort in keeping things nice and simple for new bingo players as of course not all new users are familiar with how to use computers. You shouldn’t have any problems playing at any of the above free bingo sites as they are a clear selection of bingo sites which have been tested for ease of use, quality of games, high quality support and of course they meet the prerequisite to be on this page which is their ability to offer free bingo games.

Sticking with one real money site is important as over time loyalty points and bonus bucks or frequent player points accumulate and switching between sites is not really recommended. You might be asking what does this have to do with free bingo? Well trying all the above sites with the free bingo bonus is the ultimate way to make a solid decision of which site you will make your bingo home. This will enable you to become a member, a valued player and overall a loyal player which will allow you to make the most your free bingo bucks which you can use for joining bingo tournaments or other bingo promotions.

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