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You might be wondering why an online bingo directory separates UK bingo sites from USA bingo sites or American bingo sites from British Bingo sites as they are also very often called. Surely it’s not a reason of prejudice and not a national issue but the truth relies behind two major factors that American bingo players (US Bingo Players) should understand before registering an account with any online bingo site to avoid any inconvenience that might get them confused or even more that might even keep them away from bingo games.

If you have been playing bingo online for a while you might have noticed that many sites which might even be highly advertised do not allow you to sign up an account because you live in the U.S as different policies apply for residents of different regions of the world which can affect your entry or participation on some sites. Below we have listed the most popular and trusted USA Bingo sites with details regarding their sign up bonus and their free bingo bonus therefore making it easier for the online bingo players with permanent residence in the US to make an easy choice of where to play bingo online at sites that will accept accounts in their own currency and moreover will accept players from the US in a whole.

Rank Bingo Site Free Bingo Bingo Bonus US Players
Melina Bingo Play at Melina Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Cyber Bingo Play at Cyber Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
123 Bingo Online Play at 123 Bingo $25
Accepting US Players
Gone Bingo Play at Gone Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Bingo Hall Play at Bingo Hall $6
Accepting US Players

First of all USA bingo is widely known as the 75 ball bingo variation of our favorite game, which is a pattern based game and the variation of the games which is widely accepted through American and Canadian bingo players where in other regions of the world like the UK, bingo players tend to play the 90 ball bingo variation of the game. USA bingo sites are usually distinguished due to their offerings in 75 ball bingo games and their ability to allow players to maintain accounts in USD. An important factor which separates online bingo halls to Bingo USA, Bingo UK or Bingo Canada is the acceptance of American players. In reality acceptance is translated to the ability to accept deposits by US bingo players (American Citizens). The reasoning behind goes behind an enforcement posed by the US government which forced stock listed gaming companies like 888 or Party Gaming to withdraw business from the US because their operations were not taxed in the US. This enforcement has made it impossible for these multinational companies which were stock listed in the UK to accept American players to their games.

This has in reality distinguished bingo sites to US bingo sites, UK bingo sites and Canadian bingo sites. If you live in the US we would recommend that you play bingo at any of the above recommended USA online bingo halls as they will be able to accept your deposits and withdrawals through safe processing methods which might be vary from credit card deposits or even more through electronic wallets like Pic Club, Neteller, Money Bookers or UKASH.

Although the majority of the above US bingo sites will enable you to use major credit cards like Visa, or Visa Electron to make your deposits, we would recommend that you prefer using an electronic wallet as it reduces processing fees which in most situations means more money in your account to play.

Processing fees are better explained as the commission the credit card company will deduct to allow you to deposit with your Visa or Visa Electron. These above mentioned fees can be eliminated at a big extent by issuing an electronic wallet account through Pic Club or Neteller which will allow you to transfer funds without the direct use of your credit card at the US bingo site.

Please note that depositing through an electronic wallet will in many cases allow you to receive a higher bingo bonus. Look at for promotional offers for various electronic wallets.

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