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Claim your free no deposit bingo bonus today with the best online bingo sites around. Our exclusive new member offers allow all new registrants a totally free no deposit bingo trial to test the games offered at the bingo sites listed below. All you have to do to claim the free bonus is simply register with any of the sites listed on rainbow bingo, confirm your email address and get your free bingo bonus. With your free no deposit bingo bonus you can enjoy all the games and see why so many online bingo players are joining with us. All the online bingo sites listed on this section enable our bingo players to sign up and play bingo with no deposit requirements for a time limited period or a fixed free bonus which will be topped up to a new bingo players account.

This is a perfect opportunity for new bingo players to test trial the games and decide which online bingo site meets their prerequisites and style of play best before they make the decision where they really want to place a deposit and become an active member. As a new player we consider that grabbing on to the opportunity of claiming the free bonus at as many sites possible is a good choice as you will be exposed to new features and different variations of games and environments which vary from site to site or from network to network and will get a crystal clear idea of what is on offer across the web.

Rank Bingo Site Free Bingo Bingo Bonus US Players
Jackpot Fiesta Play at Jackpot Fiesta £15
Not Accepting US Players
Cyber Bingo Play at Cyber Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Gone Bingo Play at Gone Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Costa Bingo Play at Costa Bingo £20
Not Accepting US Players
123 Bingo Online Play at 123 Bingo $25
Accepting US Players

Rainbow bingo has a selection of great online bingo halls and lounges and a huge range of slots including 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots and 7 reel slots which offer bingo play with no deposit requirements. If you enjoy online bingo games we offer up to 300% bonus on sites listed in our pages. The term No Deposit Bingo is similar to the term free bingo. When a bingo house is offering free bonus to play the offered games and the bonus is instantly credited to your account – without having to first make any deposit before trying the games- the term is broadly explained as no deposit bingo. Someone might ask what the benefit is to give free no deposit bingo bonus to every player that signs up for the halls. This serves two purposes. First of all it is a brilliant way to attract players that they are a bit skeptical of making a deposit. Secondly, you give the player the chance to interact with other fellow players, especially on the bingo games and familiarize with the offered games.

No-deposit bingo is a wonderful incentive offered as an incentive to potential members of a site. This is a very special bingo bonus but not all sites offer this ability to enjoy a free trial. The amounts vary and to claim bonus funds, the member is only required to register at a site. They are not expected to make a payment before they play, but they are generally expected to register a payment method – either a credit, card, debit card or online banking method such as PayPal, Moneybookers or others. In the UK the sites which offer no-deposit bingo bonuses vary from network to network, and even some independent sites offer this bonus money. The amounts are anything from £1 to £20 but never usually more; however some rare sites have been know to offer £30. In the US, nearly all sites offer a no-deposit bingo bonus and these amounts also vary from site to site, and network to network. Generally speaking the accepted value falls in the range of $5 to $30. So let’s take a look at some of the best of these sites, and how they differ from one another.

UK No Deposit Bingo Sites

Sun Bingo offers a £10 no-deposit voucher and a 100% first deposit bonus up to a maximum amount of £100. Bet365 Bingo is unusual in that they don’t offer a no-deposit bonus, but what they do offer is a £25 bonus when the player deposits and spends £5. This means the player may deposit any amount they wish, but once they have spent £5 of these funds the bonus is credited to their account. Bingo Jetset, has another way of offering a no-deposit bingo bonus and this is by giving new members 20 free bingo cards to play with. They also offer a 100% cash match bonus on the first deposit. 888 Ladies Bingo gives new members a no-deposit bingo bonus of £5 and a 150% first deposit bonus.

US No Deposit Bingo Sites

123 Bingo Online offers new members a $25 free trial and 300% as a first deposit bonus, with a minimum first deposit amount of $25. Deposit the minimum and receive $75 free. Bingo Hall offers members a $5 no-deposit bonus and 150% on both first and second deposits and this is unlimited, so members may deposit any amount they desire with a first deposit amount minimum which is restricted to $25. This site is also different in that the no-deposit bonus is restricted to playing video poker and slots, and this is highly unusual. Bingo For Money; another US site, offers new members $5 in no-deposit bingo funds and 100% as a cash match welcome bonus. Bingo Tropic offers a very generous no-deposit bingo bonus of $30, thereafter a 250% first deposit bonus applies on all amounts of a minimum of $10 to $25, depending on what payment method is used. The online bingo sites we have mentioned are merely an extremely brief cross section of all the bingo sites available. There are quite literally hundreds of these in the case of both the UK and US bingo market. As you can see they have various ways of dealing with the no-deposit bingo bonus, and some of these are opt in, while others are automatic.

The Automatic No-Deposit Bingo Bonus

This bonus is paid into the bingo players’ account when they register. As we mentioned previously, this bonus may apply when they register a payment option, or not. At some sites I have seen them offer a £10 no-deposit bingo bonus on registration, where it is split to receive £5 on registration and an additional £5 when the payment method form has been completed and confirmation of ID is registered at the site. Each site has their own terms and conditions and the bonus is automatically deposited into the players account. In the case of a no-deposit bingo bonus being opt-in, the player has to inform the site that they wish to take up this bonus by either using a specific bonus code, which the site supplies, or online bingo portal supplies on behalf of the site. Sometimes a player may even have to register then email the site to let them know they wish to claim the bonus, but this is the exception, rather than the rule.

If the no-deposit bonus is opt-in and the member omits to supply the site with the necessary bonus code or confirmation email, they lose the opportunity to use this “try before you buy” feature. Always take care to read the terms and conditions pertaining to bonuses before proceeding with the registration process. If you are still unsure as to the way this business is conducted, simply email customer service. At some very good bingo sites, customer service is always available in live chat or toll free phone numbers. I always use this service and have found customer support to be prompt, professional and very helpful. While we are discussing the opt-in, no-deposit bingo bonus I would just like to take this opportunity to mention that often the first deposit bonus as well as other bonuses are also opt-in. If this is the case, never omit to use the bonus code, or bonus funds will be lost and generally cannot be reclaimed.

Where is the catch of the free no deposit bingo bonuses the players get upon registration?

Well, the answer is quite simple and it is clearly mentioned on the terms and conditions of all the bingo rooms. Unless you have made a deposit and wager an amount of money, no withdrawal is allowed. That is why it is essential before participating on major events – like must go jackpot days where the balls to jackpot increase every hour – to have already make a deposit and wager the right amount of money – especially if you are a new player. The no deposit bingo games are quite popular to people who would like to move around and try different games on different bingo rooms. This is a great way to find really what you like and as time passes to get a quite clear view of the best games on the bingo internet world. On the other hand, free bingo bonuses is a great way to stay at home and benefit as you get more money to your account when you make a deposit than just by visiting a traditional bingo room.

Most bingo rooms offer the no deposit bonuses with a form of either bingo cards ( bonus is applied only to bingo games), free spins ( bonus is applied only to slot games ) or in the form of general bonus. The advantage of the general bonus is that you can spend it in any way you like on any single game including video poker, roulette and blackjack. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the available games and explore further those that you liked most. In that case the no deposit bingo bonus is identical to the free bonus you receive when you make the first deposit – no limitations apply on that case.

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