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The popularity of online bingo in the UK has during the past 7 years expanded rapidly as more and more people in the UK are switching to internet bingo in contrary to land based bingo which was the most widely accepted form of entertainment for people over the age of 30 in the UK till now. The reasons behind its vertical incline of popularity and success lie behind a number of factors with the most powerful and most important reason being the increasing number of quality UK online bingo sites which offer an equally respected form of entertainment but now allow players to engage in bingo games play without having to leave the comfort of their own home. The massive exposure the popular game has received on TV has made its presence even more intense as people of younger ages are being more exposed to what bingo games are and what kind of a history they carry behind them in the United Kingdom. Housie or 90 ball bingo is no more a game for retired pensioners; its become a craze, its becomind a fashion and it surely is becoming more and more popular.

Rank Bingo Hall Free Bingo Bingo Bonus
Jackpot Fiesta Play at Jackpot Fiesta £15
Foxy Bingo Play at Foxy Bingo £20
Gina Bingo Play at Gina Bingo £15
JackpotJoy Bingo Play at JackpotJoy Bingo £100
Tombola Bingo Play at Tombola Bingo £25
Costa Bingo Play at Costa Bingo £20
Mecca Bingo Play at Mecca Bingo £50
Gala Bingo Play at Gala Bingo £20
William Hill Bingo Play at William Hill Bingo £25
Party Bingo Play at Party Bingo £20
Sun Bingo Play at Sun Bingo

The above translates to an increasing number of online bingo sites available with some offering sign up bonuses, others giving cars away and others tossing away shopping vouchers or shopping sprees to players. We have listed the top online bingo sites that allow players to maintain accounts in British Pounds (Sterling) and offer tax exempt winnings to bingo players who have permanent residence in the United Kingdom.

UK Bingo as it is widely known across internet bingo users originating from the UK is becoming a trend and a major success as more and more people are getting tempted to try this form of online entertainment due to mass media exposure; New registrants are soon realizing that there is a reason for the growing success of bingo games on the internet in the UK, but are faced with the dilemma of where to play. The increasing number of UK bingo operators and the increasing number of TV adverts are in reality causing a major distraction to British bingo players which are nowadays faced with more than 80 reliable online bingo halls offering 90 ball bingo games. This mass media exposure is making the decision process a difficult task; online bingo sites are lost in promotions, unique offers and giveaways worth millions of pounds given away across new and loyal bingo players.

Playing UK bingo is one of the most fun activities happening online today. Everyone loves this game; it is played by young and old and by people from all walks of life. Celebrities have admitted to being partial to a few games of online bingo and we have even heard it said that the Queen herself has had a go; and I am not talking about Elton John! UK Bingo has been a very large part of the social life of British people for a great many years. There are hundreds of land based clubs in the UK, and way back in the late 1960’s 70’s and 80’s playing bingo became a cultural phenomenon. This was due to the introduction of a new Gambling Act and the fact that Television was keeping people at home. This meant that popular forms of entertainment in the UK, like dance halls, theatres and movie cinemas, were dying off and these made perfect venues for conversion to bingo halls. With the rise of the new millennium and the availability of high speed broadband, playing online bingo has also become a cultural phenomenon. Its popularity started in the US and quickly spread to the UK and the rest of the world. UK bingo is now the third largest market world-wide, and for such a small country, this is quite an achievement.

UK Bingo Prizes

UK bingo online offers players some of the best websites on the World Wide Web. Not only are these sites great fun for members, they also offer memorable prizes, and the prizes are getting better all the time. Some sites and prizes worthy of mention have to include 888 Ladies Bingo, they give away cruises to the World Bingo Championship games annually and although this competition has not yet started at the site for 2010, keep your eyes peeled, it soon will (these prizes are already available at Bet365). Just two weeks ago this site also gave away a £50000 cash prize in a £5 million coverall game. They also regularly give away cars, TV’s, laptops, show tickets, weekend breaks and many more gifts. Sun Bingo is another site which made news in 2009, and gave away 100 brand new cars over 100 days to celebrate the achievement of giving away £100 000 000 (yes 9 zeros), worth of prizes. This site has given away a brand new home, a holiday home in Europe, new kitchens and as you can see £100 million in prizes.

Foxy Bingo is big news in the UK and they give away huge guaranteed cash prizes, tangible prizes galore, as well as organizes two cruises a year. Posh Bingo recently gave away an all expenses paid holiday for six days and five nights, to EuroDisney for the entire family. Chit Chat and Littlewoods Bingo gave away two cars, two Caribbean holidays, two x three months of mortgage payments and much more. Wink Bingo gave away a car at New Year and a prize of £12 000, in £1 000 monthly payments for a year. The list of sites and prizes just goes on and on, and this is going to get bigger and better as more sites come online all the time, and competition spirals.

The Social Aspect of UK Bingo

With all these prizes up for grabs, this makes the UK online bingo player seem as though they are jackpot chasers. Although this is true of some players, they are in the minority! Most UK bingo players are playing for the social aspect of the game. They budget for bingo in the same way as they would budget for other forms of entertainment like going to the movies, or out for dinner. Winning is secondary! The chat rooms at a site are the heart and soul of the site, this is where friends are made for life, and roomies as they are called, like nothing better than getting together every now and then to meet each other in real life. If you think about playing online, these sites are like social networking sites with the additional benefit that members already have something in common – they love playing bingo. Old friends have found each other again while playing bingo, new friendships have been formed and people have even fallen in love. Many players win cash prizes which allow them to visit loved ones who are far from home in other countries. And if you think about it carefully, bingo really does bring people together!

Bingo has had the reputation for supporting worthy causes for a very long time and in Canada it is law that a bingo hall should support a charity. In the UK this is not the case, but all bingo operators get involved in Breast Cancer week. Gala Bingo partners with and raises funds for Sue Ryder Care, Mecca Bingo raises funds for Whizz Kids. Big Heart Bingo pledges 50% of their proceeds to various charities, and virtually every site out there is involved with one or more charitable concerns. This is not by law – this is by self motivation! Bingo is the great equalizer, when you are playing online no one player is any better than another, no matter what walk of life they are from. In the UK, bingo is the heartbeat of the nation. The people who play this game are generous beyond measure and 9 out of 10 times we read of winners who share their prizes

Here we cross comparison the leading UK online bingo sites in terms of bingo bonus, sign up bonus and deposit bonus. British bingo players will have the opportunity to compare, monitor and try the leading UK bingo halls with the top bingo bonus which is available through the exclusive bingo bonus codes or bingo promotional codes which have been embedded in our sign up links for your convenience. We strictly recommend that you stick to recommended online bingo sites to avoid inconsistencies in terms of customer service, depositing and withdrawal. The UK bingo sites listed and recommended in our pages are tested, trusted and licensed which therefore guarantees that your online bingo experience will be class A. As a new user and a new internet bingo player you will have the opportunity to experience quality online bingo games, prompt and spot on customer service in addition to prompt and safe online transactions.

In addition the super sign up links found in our pages have been negotiated as exclusive offers for our bingo players and readers due to long term relationships with all major online bingo halls operating in the UK. As mentioned above competition among online bingo sites is getting tighter and tougher and this is in reality in the benefit of the bingo player. Our readers and users have the opportunity to claim unique marketing offers which can be found here and will of course make your deposits last longer at the top online bingo sites of the world. It is well mentioned that you might have come across the term British Bingo and you might be wondering why bingo games are seperated from other games ran across the globe. The reality is that the 2 main differences so called British Bingo sites may posses in comparison to other online bingo games is that they offer the variation of the game which is popular in the UK which is 90 ball bingo and additionally they allow players to maintain accounts in British Pounds (£) Sterling.

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