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Rank Bingo Site Free Bingo Bingo Bonus US Players
Melina Bingo Play at Melina Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Cyber Bingo Play at Cyber Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Gone Bingo Play at Gone Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Bingo Hall Play at Bingo Hall $6
Accepting US Players

The game variation which is widely known as American Bingo is the 75 ball bingo game which is the variation of the game offered at sites which are highly visited and used by American Bingo players. In the US players tend to prefer to play the variation of the game which is pattern based and draws a total of 75 balls where in the UK, the 90 ball bingo variation of the game is the more popular variation which is a line based game and draws out 90 balls during the duration of one game.

American Bingo in reality can be based on 2 factors

  • The game variation
  • The acceptance of US Players
  • The ability to maintain acccounts in USD
  • The ability to match prizes at US stores

The second criteria which is mentioned above is the acceptance of US players, a factor which today has caused the evolution of a term called Bingo USA or USA Bingo. This is based on the fact that not all online bingo sites accept US players to their bingo games, which makes a fine line of sites often been called UK Bingo sites, USA bingo sites or European bingo sites.

As explained thoroughly in the Bingo USA section of rainbowbingo.com, acceptance is translated to the ability to accept deposits by US bingo players (American Citizens). The reasoning behind goes behind an enforcement posed by the US government which forced stock listed gaming companies like 888 or Party Gaming to withdraw business from the US because their operations were not taxed in the US.

Another important factor for a bingo player to clearly understand in order to realize why some bingo sites are heavily promoted in the USA where others are promoted in the UK is the distribution of prizes. If you take the time an navigate through UK bingo sites like Foxy Bingo for example you will soon realize that they might be giving away a car to their jackpot winner. Well that prize is a deal Foxy Bingo has made with a car seller in the UK, so lets say Foxy Bingo was to accept US players, and an American Bingo player won the car; of what use would that vehicle be to him. The example might be a bit vague but it is just an attempt to explain the point.

The last important factor which distinguishes sites to American and non is the offerings in terms of currencies. American players want to play in USD and of course UK bingo players want to play in GBP, well how can a site pay everyone fairly, run promotions to match all currencies and give away bonuses in all currencies? Of course it is possible; but it make the task of running a bingo room a very complicated one which is another reason some sites are limited to maintaining accounts in only one currency.

Therefore if you live in the US it will be wise to sign up and play at American Bingo Sites; we have listed the top American Bingo sites and in the table you will find their offering in terms of free bingo and bingo bonus plus a referral link to sign up with the maximum bingo bonus.

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