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First Deposit Bonus

The first promotion bingo players receive from an online bingo room is the first deposit bonus. This incentive is great as it allows new depositors to spend the bingo bucks on bingo cards and thus increase chances of winning significantly and this kind of promotion also give players the possibility of playing with more cards without spending more money as it is the bingo room that covers the fee for the extra bingo cards bought. Many bingo operators have several deposit bingo promotions to attract players and besides those promotions bingo room host a broad variety of other promotions.

One of the most used promotions by bingo rooms is the chat games where players will win bingo bonuses when participating in those games. Chat masters take care of the games which often take place several times every day in the chat environment so all players have a chance to win some free money. It is a very popular bingo promotion as free money can be won but also because you meet your fellow bingo friends in the chat which makes online bingo very social.

Jackpot Promotions

Other popular bingo promotions are jackpot promotions where some games have fairly high prize pools or the guaranteed games where a certain amount will be paid out regardless of number of bingo cards sold. The reload bonus promotions are standard in all bingo rooms and will be offered per email to real money account holders. A reload bingo promotion should always be taken advantage of but players should note that any such promotion is forfeited if a withdrawal is made after the bonus if offered.

Happy hour bingo promotions are often seen and offer players bingo cards at half price which of course is very popular amongst players and frequently causes online bingo rooms to be packed when this particular bingo promotion run. A good strategy to use when playing happy hour bingo games are to spend exactly the same amount as usual since this will give double number of bingo cards and thus double chance of winning compared to the players decreasing the amount used for these games.

Bingo Offers

Online bingo offers are absolutely incredible these days, in particular for the sophisticated market of the UK bingo player. This industry has evolved and along with it the players who frequent the many sites on offer have also evloved. Every site you find has specific bingo offers and these include the first time deposit bonus and the ongoing deposit bonus. The first time bonus is the largest and can be 100% up to £200, or 300% up to £100, it just depends. Some sites offer 400% and some offer 100% over the first 3 deposits, but they all have bingo offers available as incentives to new members. This encourages membership and also allows the new player to trial games at less risk to their own pocket.

Bingo offers across-the-board are designed to be beneficial to members, so they can include prizes, promotions, draws, raffles, free bingo games with real cash prizes, bingo bonus points for loyalty and others. All bingo offers are brilliant and should be taken advantage of. The player may be required to make a deposit or spend a certain amount of money to get into a specific bingo offer, but this is understandable. If you are playing in a specific game to win a car valued at £12 000; if the tickets cost £1 each and the player needs to make a minimum buy-in of four tickets, this is fair!! By the same token the bingo site also generally makes arrangements for the player to earn free tickets into these games by taking part in other activities.

Bingo offers I have seen include £5 million coverall games with a £50 000 minimum prize – this was 888 Ladies Bingo. The Sun Bingo gave away 100 brand new cars in 100 days to celebrate the fact that they had given away £100 million worth of prizes. Holidays are popular bingo offers, check out Littlewoods Bingo and Chit Chat Bingo, they give these away regularly. Cruises, kitchen appliances, shopping vouchers, electronics goods such as lap-tops, i-Phones, i-Pods, Wii’, TV’s, home theatre systems, cash, cash, cash and tons more are all regular bingo offers. There is only one point to “bingo offers” and this is winning, one thing is deadly certain, if you don’t have a ticket in it, you most definitely won’t win it. So the choice is yours, you either buy-in or fizzle out like a damp squib, while your friends and neighbours are reeling in the prizes form their favourite bingo offers

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