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The below list of sites consists of new bingo halls that have made it through our tests of recommended online bingo sites although they have might not yet made a name for themselves. We fully recommend trying new bingo destinations as in many cases joining a new bingo site has its merits in terms of games, of bingo bonuses or even free bingo bonsues. New bingo sites offer in many cases much more to their bingo players in an attempt to attract people to try them and in most cases they offer a free bingo bonus which can be used to test trial the bingo games. In many cases these sites can even develop to be market leaders in the future if they have a clear dedication to what they do and they clearly understand what a bingo player needs to be loyal.

We fully recommend the below new bingo sites as they have been tested by a qualified member of our team and they have passed the test for quality bingo games, immediate support and maintaining standards in terms of high security measures. Please note that many new bingo sites are extension of existing online brands which till today did not offer bingo games but focused on other gaming areas or gaming sectors like slots or casino games. This in reality means that although they might be listed as a new bingo site in most cases they have a clear outlook of what a player needs and what he seeks to receive when he plays bingo online.

Rank Bingo Site Free Bingo Bingo Bonus US Players
Melina Bingo Play at Melina Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Jackpot Fiesta Play at Jackpot Fiesta £15
Not Accepting US Players
Posh Bingo Play at Posh Bingo £20
Not Accepting US Players
Tasty Bingo Play at Tasty Bingo £20
Not Accepting US Players
Costa Bingo Play at Costa Bingo £20
Not Accepting US Players

What we would recommend is that if you have been stuck to your online bingo site and you feel that the games are getting a little bit out of date; you might want to try something more innovative from any of the new bingo sites above. Note that modern bingo games have no download requirements as they are Flash Based. In everyday language this can be explained best as the ability to run a game within your browser in real time. This has proven to be very useful as people might maintain a number of computers in their household and this means they don’t have to download the software to every computer they maintain.

Moreover playing at bingo sites with no download requirements means that you can play your favorite games at your break at work, from your laptop at the airport, or even more from any computer anywhere in the world provided it is connected to the internet. Modern new bingo sites operate on flash based software which runs on a program called Macromedia Flash Player. This allows higher resolution in graphics and even more; increased features which in mot cases can prove to be very useful and more over attractive. New bingo sites offer features where bingo players can upload their pictures, where they can chat to each other during play or even more they can send each other messages. Try any of the new bingo sites above with the free bingo bonus; feel free to contact us and let us know about your comments or your experience.

Melina Bingo Online
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