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Most online bingo sites offer four main bingo games which are the 30, 75, 80 and 90 bingo ball games. We have listed the most popular bingo games sites offering the most popular variations of bingo games. The 30 ball games is a new addition to the existing portfolio of bingo games and are also known as “speed bingo”. With a maximum of 30 balls to be called the game is of course a lot faster than any other bingo game played and the game rules are fairly simple as the winner is determined when a 3 by 3 squared bingo card is full. This bingo game cater to players who do not want to spend a lot of time in front of the computer to finalize a game or players who want to enjoy a game of bingo in between other things that has to be done at home. All time classic players can enjoy the usual bingo games they have been brought up with and can additionally experience the new addition at the most trusted and secure online bingo halls listed below which offer ample opportunities to players to test trial the games and decide which variation of the game it is that they like best.

Rank Bingo Site Free Bingo Bingo Bonus US Players
Melina Bingo Play at Melina Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Cyber Bingo Play at Cyber Bingo $20
Accepting US Players
Jackpot Fiesta Play at Jackpot Fiesta £15
Not Accepting US Players
Wink Bingo Play at Wink Bingo Up to £1000
Not Accepting US Players
123 Bingo Online Play at 123 Bingo $25
Accepting US Players
Bingo Hall Play at Bingo Hall $6
Accepting US Players
USA Bingo Play at USA Bingo $30
Accepting US Players
JackpotJoy Bingo Play at JackpotJoy Bingo
Not Accepting US Players
Costa Bingo Play at Costa Bingo £20
Not Accepting US Players
Foxy Bingo Play at Foxy Bingo £20
Not Accepting US Players

Even more as bingo sites nowadays use technology which uses Adobe flash player the games which do not need any download can run simultaneously. What this means? Similar to online poker, players can participate in more than one bingo hall simultaneously and they can participate in 2,3 or even 4 bingo games at the same time with no barriers. This means that while you might be participating on a 90 ball bingo game you can be registered and be playing on 2 other 75 ball bingo games which run at the same site. As auto daub technology marks offs your numbers for you; when you strike bingo you don’t really have to be there; all you have to do to be eligible for the win if your numbers match the pot is have purchased cards for that particular game; all the rest is done for you thanks to technology and the difference will automatically reflect in your bingo account if your lucky enough.

75 Ball Bingo

The 75 ball bingo game is very well known to especially USA bingo players but has recently attracted Europeans players also, as the game with the many different patterns available create a more fun and challenging atmosphere than the 90 ball game where the rules always are the same. 75 ball bingo games are won by the player who manages to fully daub the specific pattern first. In the 90 ball game there will be three winners instead of only one as players are awarded when first filling one row and also when filling two rows and finally when filling the whole bingo card. If more than one player gets a winning pattern or fills a row(s) at the same time then the bingo prize is divided amongst all winning players.

One of the newest bingo games is the 80 ball bingo game where the bingo cards consist of a 4 by 4 grid where the columns each have a different color that mark numbers from 1-20, 21-40, 41-60 and 61-80. Red, blue, yellow and silver are the colors most often used on the online bingo cards. The game rules are the same as for 75 ball bingo games as patterns have to be filled to determine who the bingo winner will be. However the 80 games is not a daub bingo game it invented as a shutter board where slides are used to cover the numbers called.

Rainbow Bingo lists live bingo halls/lounges to choose from! Whether you enjoy 90 ball bingo or 75 ball bingo Rainbow Bingo has something to offer! Each lounge (bingo hall) has great chat masters who are at hand to play chat games and answer any queries you may have. Rainbow Bingo alos presents fantastic bingo promotions for every occasion. Each of our listed Bingo lounges operates on a fantastic bingo schedule which offers different prizes at different times of the day! If you love Bingo then you will love Rainbow Bingo as we promote the biggest and best prizes online!

There are two different types of bingo games that are very popular; the 75 ball bingo game and the 90 ball bingo game. The first one is also known as USA Bingo and it is a faster version of the British version of the games the so called 90 ball bingo game, which is also known as UK Bingo. Even though the principles of the game are similar to both bingo types, there are many differences that make each game unique. First of all, on the UK Bingo there are 6 bingo cards with 15 numbers each. If you own all 6 bingo cards then you have a strip. In order to claim a prize on the UK Bingo game you must complete a line, two lines or a full house.

Usually the price if you complete a line or two lines is the same while the full house prize is much bigger. On the other hand, the USA Bingo game has a 5 x 5 square card with 24 possible numbers out of 75 plus a free spot on the center. Usually the winners comes out of either a full house game or by completing a predefine pattern. On traditional bingo halls there is also the variation of playing only one line and the full house. In any case the winners split the prize. UK bingo is a very popular form of entertainment in Great Britain, Australia and Asia.

90 Ball Bingo

With the rapid development of the internet many traditional UK bingo operators startes offering online bingo games. Nowadays, the online bingo world has overtaken by the traditional bingo rooms because of two main reasons. First of all, in UK Bingo halls the smoking ban low is applied. That means that playing bingo stopped to be fun anymore. Secondly, most UK Bingo rooms online, offering deposit and free bonuses to all the players. They can do this as thousands of players fit in a computer box! The world of online bingo games is a virtual one, however, a well designed one.

Taking a step further, most UK Bingo operators are now offering a great amount of instant win games going away from the traditional bingo. Slots, video poker, roulette and blackjack are just a few. You can enjoy your favorite UK bingo game and at the very same moment play slots as a side game. Regardless of what bingo games players prefer they can be found on more or less all our partner sites no matter if you like to play 30, 75, 80 or 90 ball bingo games. 90 Ball Bingo or British Bingo is the variation of the game that is played in the United Kingdom and most commonwealth countries. Although some online bingo sites do not offer 90 ball bingo you should be sure to found the popular variation of the game at the online bingo sites that we list and review in the pages of OnlineBingoJoy.

How to play 90 ball bingo

Each individual ticket is called a bingo card. 90 Ball bingo cards are made up of 3 vertical rows and 9 horizontal columns. Each horizontal row is made up of 5 random bingo numbers and 4 blank bingo spaces. 90 ball bingo games are mostly played with strips. A bingo strip consists of 6 bingo cards covering all 90 numbers that can be called out in one game. The actual 90 ball bingo game is played with 3 bingo patterns. The bingo patterns are called One Line Bingo, Two Lines Bingo and Full House. The first bingo player to match a complete horizontal line wins the first prize.

The game goes on with second winner being the individual that manages to cross off two horizontal lines wins the next prize. The ultimate win comes when a complete ticket or bingo card is matched which means Full House. The player to match his whole card wins the maximum prize. 90 Ball Bingo or British Bingo is the most common type or variation of the bingo game played in the United Kingdom. It is very easy to play and very easy to win. Three prizes are given out each for 1 line, 2 lines or Full House meaning that you have managed to cover your whole bingo card.

How to Play UK Bingo

To get going, you will have to purchase tickets. Each ticket is made up of 3 rows and 9 columns. Each row has 5 numbered boxes, while there will always be 4 free or empty squares per row on a 90 ball b

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