It’s the day of new bingo sites to be announced, or so it would seem. Because now is the second site that we’ve learned that will be available for UK players, its Brits Bingo. Perfect name for a site that will be offered to the UK audience and bingo lovers who are located in the UK!

The people who are bringing you this new site are LMA Gaming. They actually run a few other sites that you may have heard of before, crazy scratch and slots and games are both sites they have run for some time. Never been to either of those sites you can always check those out before or after you go and look into Brits Bingo.

For this new site they will be using the one and only Dragonfish software to run the games. One of the best software programs that you can find around, and will offer you a smooth running site that will have a lot of fabulous games to play. You will have plenty of games to play here at Brits Bingo, and many ways to win money to fill up that account with more cash!

Of course they will be part of that Dragonfish Bingo Network and that means that some of the offers you’ve found on other Dragonfish sites you will find at Brits Bingo too. Always a good thing to be part of a bigger network to offer more money chances for their members!

So if you are tired of those other bingo sites or just love checking out the newer sites when they come out, this is the second chance you have today. So get on over and see the wonderful offers at Brits Bingo today and become a new member of a sure to be great site.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 17, 2011