Betfred BingoOn your marks, get set, and get gone to Befred Bingo. To celebrate this year’s Commonwealth Games, which are being held in Delhi, India, between the 3rd and 14th of October, Bet Fred Bingo are having their own Commonwealth Bingo Pot.

Who says athletes should have all the fun? Get to Betfred Bingo today, and you could be racing past the finish line to pick up loads of free bingo cash. To join in with the Commonwealth Bingo Pot, you need to get to the Betfred Bunker Room, where you will be given multiple questions based on various events. Medals will be rewarded to the first, second and third people to answer most questions correctly and the competitor with the most medals by the end of each day will win the amount in the pot.

And the more people on the team, the higher the pot will rise — for every player that joins, the total will increase by £5. This is certainly one to get your friends involved in — the more that join, the more the potential winnings at Betfred Bingo will be. For a timetable, visit the Betfred Bingo lobby.

If you’re not a member at Betfred Bingo yet, there is a £30 welcome bonus waiting for you right now. As soon as you register, you can start playing in the Betfred Bunker — with loads of chat games, slots, and instant games, you will be spoilt choice. So it’s time to warm up, put on a pair of running shorts, and leg it to Betfred Bingo as fast as you can.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on October 10, 2010