You know that big winners are always one of the best stories to talk about. It’s a feel good story and one that many people just love to hear. Something that will remind them that they may soon win a big amount of money too! This win happened in a bingo club and was a great bingo game that saw both Joyce Middleton and Yvonne Turner walking away as winners. Those two ladies who have been playing at that club for many years now were big winners. Joyce got 23,000 GBP in the win, and she chose to share that win with her close buddy Yvonne.

Though they have been going to this club for years now, they had never won more than 50 pounds if they won in a game. But finally it was their night and when Joyce hit the jackpot in 42 calls the night turned into one big great win! This gave her that win in the amount of 23,000 GBP well eclipsing any other win she had ever had at the club!

Since those two friends have been playing bingo for 22 years together, it seemed only right that Joyce would split this with her friend. What a great and wonderful friendship they have! See they shared the sad event of having their husbands die, so long ago. To get out and enjoy life again they decided that bingo would be the answer. And what was nice is that all the years they have been playing no matter the size of the wins they have been sharing the winnings!

It also goes to show you that there are people in this world who are willing to give when they have something good happen to them. So congrats to both Joyce and Yvonne on this wonderful news! Enjoy that money.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 3, 2010