250x250-bingo-anywhereOne of those places that offers a ton of promotions and may not get quite the amount of promotion they should. But there are plenty of chances for a member of Bingo Anywhere to win big and have a lot of fun, just like those other choices you have to play at! Place money on your account and you can get money back from them too! Like when you deposit 20 pounds you can get a voucher for 10 pounds! You also have a chance to race your car and earn extra money for your deposit! Right now you actually get 200 percent bingo bonus, so you can earn more! And that is on those first 3 deposits you place on your account. Even the reloads that you place will earn you a whopping 300 percent!

Simply amazing are these deposit offers and that is free bingo money that will be on your account. For the racing game let’s see what extra you can win when you play this chance? It’s something that you really need to do, because why pass up on the chance to get even more free money?

If you get the Ferrari bonus and you place on at least 25 pounds on your account you are going to get another 50 percent on that bonus. With a Lamborghini bonus you need to place at least 50 pounds on the account, but it will get you another 75 percent bonus on top of what you already are receiving. Finally the Maserati bonus is the big one of the bunch, placing at least 100 pounds on that account you will get another 100 percent match on top of what you are already receiving. They are giving away a ton of money on this offer and it’s something that is fabulous for those members of Bingo Anywhere!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 21, 2010