We spend all the time in the world seeking for noteworthy new bingo websites, new bingo offers and details of the best bingo promotions to join by it seems we somehow sometimes forget to get down the basics right; so we have undertaken the repsonsibility of delivering a bingo tutorial in three parts which will be delivered during the following week; Now its quite easy to figure out that there is currently more than 500 bingo sites on the net which does make it difficult in itself to figure out where it is best to sign up; Of course you might say 500 bingo websites? Well yes. Many run under the same platform which means players are leaded to the same bingo hall only from a different homepage; Now the bottom line is that the important factors are a few and any new player should have them well in mind before he goes with any new registration at any but any online bingo site.

Number one and most important if you live in the US you will have to sign up with a site that accepts US players; you might say why do some sites not accept US players? Is there business no good? Well no; the reality is that in 2006 a rule has been passed on by congress forcing stock listed companies owning websites like Foxy Bingo to withdraw their business from the US; meaning in reality that their doors were forced to close for any player living in the US or attempting to deposit with a credit card issued by a US bank. Now the rule came with much more small letters which are little ins and outs which have affected some bingo sites and have helped others grow as they have been now determined as sole destinations for US bingo players. Were getting lost here; the bottom line is that some sites accept players living the USA were other don’t. If you live in the US your business will not be accepted at stock listed sites or companies so prefer selecting any of the sites listed on the American Bingo section on Rainbow Bingo.

Number two and second most important; you have to ask yourself does this site allow me to maintain an account in my own currency? You might be asking why is it important; well currencies fluctuate and in order to save yourself from the hassle of getting stuck with a currency converter on hand prefer playing at a site that offers your own currency. If you live in the US go for sites promoting offers in US Dollars, if you live in the UK; go for sites promoting offers in Pounds and the same applies for the rest of the regions of the world. Nevertheless some well known bingo sites like Bingo Gala offer multicurrency options in several currencies and moreover accept deposits from International players including US citizens, Australian Citizens and Canadian Citizens; Please note that the stock listed companies quote mentioned above does not mean that non stock listed companies can not be trusted or do not offer quality online bingo games; on the contrary some sites like 123 Bingo are not stock listed but have a great reputation for excellent games and excellent quality customer service and support.

Moving on the third most important factor we consider to be important is if the site is licensed by a jurisdiction and more over is the site advertised on any reputable online bingo directory. If you have never heard of a site before and you have never seen it listed on any online bingo directory prefer not depositing money; Sites listed on bingo directories are tested and proven to have good service, quality games and have proved to offer a quality gaming experience. In a few words what were saying is prefer not talking to strangers. Sites that might be really new to the industry might not be able to meet your expectations or might not be set to process your deposits and withdrawals flawlessly; making the whole experience go side ways.

Summing up today; we advise not to take the bingo bonus offering as the sole criteria for signing up at any new or existing online bingo site. The offer might be incredible but it might have terms and conditions attached to it which might make your task of receiving the bonus in the first place a nightmare; terms which are called wagering requirements. What we advise is to read through the terms and conditions of each respective site before proceeding with processing your details; accepting a bonus and even more playing. The rest of the criteria which you should read through before signing up can be found under the review of each internet bingo site which we list and we do list quite a few so you should be able to find one that meets your style of play and the criteria that you have predetermined before playing. During Bingo Basics Part 2 on Wednesday this week we will be discussing more factors related on how to maximize your online bingo experience; therefore helping new and existing players to make the most of the time spent playing bingo online.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on January 17, 2010