Bingo Gala US SiteBingo Gala is certainly the Internet bingo site to head to if you love to pick up those bingo bonus points. That’s because they give you the unique opportunity to convert your points into
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There are so many fun, easy ways to pick up bonus points at Bingo Gala — for instance in the chat game Our Hug. Be in the chat game for your chance to win 10 bonus points. Pick two numbers, and the first three players in each game to get their lucky numbers called out will win one bonus point each. If you get both of your two numbers announced then you will win the full 10 bonus points.

Another thrilling game is called Blind Buddies — when somebody in the chat room calls bingo, the chat moderator will take down the last number called and reward roomies who correspond to that number. This is the easy way to win bingo points without even trying.

This is just a tiny sample of the myriad ways in which you can rack up points at Bingo Gala, and once you have got enough, you can get yourself off to the shop and go on a spending spree.

Currently for sale are iPod Nanos, Nintendo Wiis, cameras and loads of other high-tech goodies. Why bother shopping for Christmas presents when you can get everything you need at Bingo Gala? Well … except may be for the wrapping paper.

So, register at Bingo Gala today to get earning those points, and for your $10 no deposit bingo bonus. Happy shopping!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on September 29, 2010