You knew that as soon as Barbara Windsor was named the Queen of Bingo it wouldn’t be long before a game was set up for her.  Well that game is one that is fantastic too; it’s the new Bingo Royale that you can find at Jackpot Joy Bingo.  Offering a more regal feel than what you will find in other bingo games and one that was anticipated due to the recent Bejeweled Bingo that was offered at this wonderful site.

Going to that Bingo Royal game you will be greeted by Babs Windsor in cartoon form.  Thinking that this game is just another plain old game of bingo would be a big mistake too.  Because it’s a fabulous one that will have you becoming addicted to this game and wanting to play it all the time, or at least more than once that’s for sure.

Bingo card prices are going to vary depending on the pot that is offered.  They have a Super Jackpot offer or a guaranteed offer; the guaranteed games will be running each day from 2 in the afternoon until midnight. 

Here is a sampling of what you will be playing for in each of those games.

  • For the 10 GBP jackpot that is guaranteed or the 1,000 Super Jackpot you will pay 10 p
  • 25 GBP guaranteed jackpot or 5,000 super jackpot will cost you 25 p
  • 50 GBP guaranteed jackpot or 10,000 super jackpot will cost 50 p
  • 100 GBP guaranteed jackpot or 25,000 super jackpot will run you 1 pound

To win a super jackpot bingo game online you will need to get a bingo online in the first 36 calls of the game.  But you can tell that the games are great value for your money.  So why not check out this new and fantastic offer that you can get at Jackpot Joy Bingo today.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on September 29, 2010