We already told you about one of the new promotions that are going on at Costa Bingo. Remember that offer where you can “Cut your Cards”! The one where you have a shot at winning a wonderful 5,000 GBP, of which you can pay off those bills if you so please. But do something else with it if you don’t have credit card bills. It’s going on until January 31st so you still have plenty of days left for your shot. Let’s see what else you can do when you head over to play at Costa Bingo though. Right now you have a shot at playing that “Sci-fi Invasion game” It’s an instant game and you have the chance to play and win 50 GBP. In order to do that you will need to play that game and be the one who places the most money down. You have one more day to do this it ends on the 14th.

Plus another thing that will be ending in one more day is the New Year’s resolution game that will end the 14th too. You can win 50 GBP voucher for boots if you win on that pattern of the number one! Also two more rooms have been opened up for those penny bingo games. Check it out and get into these rooms for games where you will only be paying 2p at the most for a game ticket. So penny bingo rooms with 1p and 2p tickets that go on during the day. Plus so much more that you can find to do at Costa Bingo. Get there and get that chance to cut your cards or bills or whatever you want by winning that 5,000 GBP!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on January 12, 2010