King-Jackpot-bingoWhat about a site that has a lot of different games and not only bingo games but also internet casino games? A site where you will have a lot of fun, and many chances to win? Okay so that can be many different online bingo sites, but today we are looking at King Jackpot Bingo! You have so many different chances to play there; you may never be able to do them all. Play some bingo of course because that is a blast, but what about the other games. Things like slots, scratch cards, video poker, and so much more! You can’t forget about the chat games and all that they offer either. However, what about this time of the year? They are still in the middle of some great chances for Christmas and New Years at this site.

One of those bingo promotions is the “Fill the Christmas Stocking” game. It ran all through December and will be going into January too. Although it will be called at that point “New Year Fun”. So how to do play this bingo game. Keep the list of numbers that we are going to give you and make sure you let them know if you hit bingo on these during the month. You will be sharing in a pot of BB that will be fabulous. Notify them once January is done and you may have a great big surprise waiting for you!

The numbers are 5, 11, 20, 24, 36, 45, 49,58,67,75! Keep those handy so you can keep track of your own numbers and if you hit bingo on these! King Jackpot Bingo is a place where they will give you money when you head over. No deposit is required; it’s money so you can try out their fabulous site. So get there now, and have a fun time!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on January 3, 2010