Paddy-PowerBingo online is a big deal, it’s a business that brings in billions over the year. For that reason there are many people who even though they are focusing on a TV show they will normally end up also seeing what online bingo sites are offering too. That’s because many of these online bingo sites are now advertising on those little screens we call the television quite often. The latest is the Paddy Power Bingo site who is striking out to the telly for some added exposure.

For some reason though this is one of those adverts that is well simply not one that you will remember quite well. No it’s not because it’s a bad add, in fact the acting is good, and it’s really actually informative. But it really doesn’t stick out in your mind making that lasting impression that there were going for. It’s an ad that will focus on a lady who is heading over to a friend’s house; the friend is a bored normal looking housewife who is doing her normal bit of housework. The visitor pulls out a laptop and brings up the Paddy Power site, and begins to play and gossip away with friends. Making sure that the working friends hears all about those special offers that go on at Paddy Power, like that 20 GBP you get for free.

You know sure it would be great if bingo was still just a game that was there for bored people who stay at home. But it’s all people who play the game now, working people, and even men! So adding in something more to liven it up would have done much better in making this ad stand out and make a bigger splash. There are many sites that have accomplished doing this and those ads are one that many people will remember quite well. Things like you’ve seen with Foxy Bingo, and well even the Tombola Bingo one that has been banned now. Spice it up and come back with something new next time around Paddy Power!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 21, 2010