It seems that today is Foxy Bingo day here for us, but that’s just because they have some great offers going on. We don’t’ want to seem biased in any way. However it is a very popular site, not only can you get those free bingo bonus points at certain times. But you have some great chances to play free bingo now. This can be available to people who don’t have an account even at Foxy Bingo. Plus those paying players have tons of free bingo games they can play too.
Here is what else beside those bingo bonus points that you can find at Foxy bingo right now. You will get an extra bit of money on your account when you place a deposit. They will match that new deposit with 100% match. There is a limit of what they will pay up too though and that is 150 GBP. But heck figure it out if you place down 10 pounds, you have another 10 free from the people at Foxy Bingo!

Plus this is one of the few sites out there that you can get a bonus on the other deposits that you make on your account. They will match your recurring deposits with another 50% of what you’ve placed down. Check out all the free bingo games that are going on until January 15th. They are going on right now in Gateway to Heaven. Play for your free chance to win 25 GBP! Through Friday they also have what is the are giving away the BOGOF bonus. The first deposit of 100 GBP on that day will get 100% match instead of the normal 50%! Check out all that Foxy Bingo has to offer you today.

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This news post was written by Christy Tanner on January 13, 2010