Bingo FabulousYou ever played at Bingo Fabulous before? If not you have a chance to sign up and get some free cards to help you get familiar with the site. It’s a nice offer and one that will help you spend less of your own money at first too. And well spending less of your own money can be a great thing, you just never know you might win when playing one of those cards you get from them too!

But you don’t just get those free cards when you join Bingo Fabulous, and that’s what really makes this site generous. Because when you place your first deposit you also get a match of 100 percent on those funds. Plus they also give you a bonus when you place other deposits on your account, you will get 50 percent on those funds.

Also with Christmas getting close already they are offering what will be coming up during that festive season. They have the 10,000 pound Festive Fortune that will be offered on December 22nd, and you can start gaining points now to earn some free tickets to that game. When you have 2000 points you have a free ticket.

You have many ways that you can earn those points including just playing bingo and playing some pattern games that are in the Christmas theme. Learn more about those ways by going over to Bingo Fabulous and reading more about it.

The prizes for that big game coming up in December are as follows, for the winner of the full house they will earn 5,000 pounds, the one line winner is going to get 3,000 pounds and that two line winner will walk away with 2,000 pounds!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 7, 2010