tombola-bingoThere are many people who feel that these online bingo sites that offer free bingo, may at one day regret it. Because with free bingo they make nothing, but still give out prizes of cash. So will free bingo be something that will eventually be cut out? Or will it be something that will lead to many of these online bingo sites losing money? A balance of free bingo and pay bingo is supposed to be the best way for these online sites to operate. But many feel that there are some places that are just giving away way too much and they will be ruining those players! Well not just the players, but people will begin to expect more free bingo as this continues. That means more money lose in an industry that is all about making money!

Using it instead of as something that will get a person involved in a site and then ending the free bingo at that point. Is this something that all the online bingo players will feel that will make them head off to yet another location? The best answer could be a free bingo offer like that of what Tombola offered recently. It was a free bingo game but the only way that you could get into this chance, was to play paying bingo before it. This may be a great way to continue the free offers and not hurt the industry. Because you are using the free bingo as more of a reward than a tool.

So sure free bingo is a great thing, but when you think of it hurting the chances of where you may be able to play in the future. Heck I would support the free bingo being cut back on in that case. So really consider what would be best not only for you, but the whole industry!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 21, 2010