Game On bingo is a place where you will still find the many other offers that you find at other locations. But they hope to bring you these offers in a different way. One that will have you being able to have fun with promotions, win prizes and cash too. They have those themed promotions that you will find all over too. Like the offers that have been going on for quite some time with the World Cup. Plus they have those one’s that are themed in many other ways. Like Tennis because Wimbledon is currently going on and is fast becoming a promotion that many of the online bingo sites are using.

But they do have prizes that are great too, that you can win, and some of them may offer you another way to keep busy. For this promotion at Game on Bingo you can find that you may be using a table tennis set through the summer and other months too, to have fun. It will be a nice break to take from those online bingo games too. If you win this prize, it’s going to be one that will at least have you doing something different!

At times it’s the prizes that are different that are nice to win. Something that you will not find on those other online sites is a chance to play for a table tennis set. But at Game on Bingo you have just that chance right now. If you want to find out more about this and any other promotion that is going on at Game On head over to the site and be sure to check out that tab that has the promotions under it!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on July 7, 2010