One of the best sites that you can find out there for free bingo and great promotions is Costa Bingo. They have some really awesome offers for their promotions, and they are worth looking into. Whether you have been there before or not, you need to head on over again. There is a promotion that will soon be ending that you may want to get in on. You only need to play bingo and if you spend the most you can win. This is for those instant games that are offered at Costa Bingo. The first place person is going to get 25 GBP, while second will bring back 15 GBP, and third will have an extra 10 GBP in their account. You can check out which instant game you need to play by simply checking the tab that says Instant on it in the lobby.

What about those other Costa treats that are currently going on? Well each Wednesday you can enjoy those Kiss Me Quick offers . You will need to be a person who deposits money on an account though to enjoy this game. It runs each Wednesday from 8pm until 10pm. You can earn some Costa Points during this offer, ranging from 1,000 all the way up to 20,000! This is a game that is randomly generated giving everyone a great chance to win! You also have those patterned games that you can play at Costa Bingo. The times for these games are at a minute after midnight on Friday and they will go to right before midnight the following Thursday. So you have a lot of time to get in and play those games. The tickets are cheap at only 5 and 10 p each. This is a 75 ball bingo game.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 11, 2010