I love these feel good stories that you find about people. Trying to base them on something to with bingo doesn’t seem like something that is hard to do either. Many people who play or work in this industry seem to be some great people. That is something that you all should be very proud of too. Because what we need in this world are these good people to make up for all the bad things that seem to happen; For this story it’s about a bingo operator from Tudor Road Bingo in Anchorage is the top story. They donated $10,000 to help out a wounded police officer in the area. That officer was Jason Allen who go injured during a drive by shooting that took place.

The people who gave the money are the son and brother of the owner of that Bingo establishment, Jack Powers. It is something that will greatly help out the officer in his recovering process. Plus it is just something that is so nice. I don’t know about you, but if I was anywhere close to that area of the country I would be stopping in and playing there at Tudor Road Bingo. Because something like that is something that not many people would really take the time to do.

But as I said before it seems that the online bingo and bingo community in general are awesome about helping out people. Look at all the charities that are always handed money from many online sites. It’s fabulous news and just goes to show you that many people out there still have the right stuff when it comes to being good guys or people! We hope a quick recovery to Officer Allen and a big old WAY TO GO to those people who gave the money to help out.

This news post was written by Christy Tanner on January 15, 2010