Okay a bit of a lame title, but it caught your attention, and it is a fun site to spend your online time. Game On bingo is running some fabulous promotions that are well worth looking into. With a sign up bonus that will give you free 20 cards to play and there are a ton of games to use those tickets on too. Plus you get a 100 percent on your first deposit that you place on an account at Game On Bingo.

Not only that but they are one of the sites that if you make a reload deposit of at least 20 pounds will give you a match of 50 percent. Talk about making money for very little work! Playing bingo isn’t work, I know, but you have many fabulous prizes that you may win when you play at Game ON too.

On every other Thursday they switch between two online bingo promotions. Well one Thursday you will be playing for a 42″ TV, and the other you will be taking a chance to win a 500 GBP holiday! These tickets can be bought ahead of time, if you don’t get them before time, get to Game on at 9:45 pm to play.

While each day at 8:45 pm you can find those 100 GBP games that are guaranteed. The tickets for these games are so darn cheap, well at only 10 p each, you make up your mind if it’s a great deal or not!
You can even have your bills paid by Game On Bingo too. This online bingo promotion is part of their Bingo Pays the Bills and three players will win at this chance. Play those pattern games for your water, electric or gas bill to be paid. Each time you play you will be in the drawing, and if you win during the game you will get another chance in that drawing!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 5, 2010