Bingo CardAs the audience to which bingo online caters to is not exactly fully acquainted with the overall concept of the internet it is only reasonable that you might be asking yourself if its worth risking your credit card to make a deposit and enjoy the development of bingo games online. As the people designing bingo games and producing online bingo websites might be experts of their field which might be designing games or making features state of the art or functional you can understand that some have not set their mind to think how plays the bingo games they have put so much time and effort to design.

So let’s take it step by step and attempt to straighten things out and even more make thing easier for you to understand so you know what to look out for and even more you know how to spot the differences of various online bingo sites before making a deposit.

First thing first, if you live in the US you should firstly understand that not all bingo sites online will welcome your participation as not all sites offer options for US players to play due to regulations, currency barriers and even more time zone differences which make it quite difficult to keep an online bingo hall in racing temperature all around the day. If you live in the US pick a site out of the Bingo USA section which will accept your participation and will allow you to play in your domestic currency and even more which will allow you to participate in raffles or prize drawings that give out prizes which can be delivered to your region. As you can understand when you play bingo, your playing for a chance to win so you got to keep in mind that when you do win, you have to be able to receive your prizes.

Secondly if you live in the USA you should be aware that many online bingo sites have been restricted to accept wagers through credit cards so you might have to bother issuing an electronic wallet account like Neteller or Moneybookers depending on what the site you have decided you will play at caters to. So step by step first pick the site that you are planning to stick with and then see what options for electronic wallets there is so you can get started on the right foot. Now somewhere here we reach the rhetorical question is it safe to deposit? Well if you’ve found a site listed on a reputable bingo games portal your 95% safe as the site is probably good for its name as although you might think sites just get listed on portals out of magic things are not just that easy as you might think.

Before we continue its worth mentioning that most electronic wallets and all credit cards offer the chance to chargeback when your not happy with the service you are provided or if you have not received what you are promised; so regardless if you have deposited or not you have the chance to cancel a transaction if you think something is not right within 45 days by simply popping down to your bank or contacting support at the electronic wallet of your choice. Although the money will not be refunded the same day you don’t lose the money if your not happy so first thing first we have just concluded that you cant really lose your money even though that if you do find yourself in the unlucky position to have to charge back because you have been mistreated you can do so.

If you think you want to be double safe we would recommend you try reading feedback on Google by searching in the name of the bingo hall with review next to it or complaint next to it; something like Gina Bingo Complaints or Gina Bingo Review should do the job; please note that Gina Bingo is the example and we should mention that the particular site is an outstanding operator which we fully recommend to all our bingo players that don’t live in the US.

Going over the Atlantic to our friends in Europe and Down Under were quite pleased to say that the rules somehow apply differently for them and there additionally lucky to have a larger variety of site to pick out from as most sites have selected to go the European way by blocking US players and catering to the rest in an attempt to get licensed in Europe and have the opportunity to advertise on TV as its still permitted in contrast to the US. If you live outside the US you can most probably make a depsit with a credit card, through Paypal, Neteller, Master Card and even American Express at most sites that will accept your business and that are licensed in Europe either in Gibraltar or in Malta; the case here is much different as you don’t have to worry about having troubles with credit card deposits and safety as the license terms sites operating in Europe posses are quite strict so should really have any problems ever luckily.

Nevertheless the same rule applies so if you might have a problem with a transaction all you got to do is firstly contact customer support of the bingo site; if your not getting a fair response and you feel you’ve been mistreated you may simply file for chargeback. In both cases when you do so please be aware that it is mot likely that your bingo account will be shout down so if you don’t have a real reason do file for chargeback in the first place simply try to find a solution with a more human way.

If you still feel you have questions or you cant really understand what to do to make your experience with bingo online as smooth as possible feel 100% free to contact us.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on September 14, 2010