Butlers BingoQuite literally! Between now and May 25th, the dashing old Butler is taking us to Mars and back. Join the Butler and Astrid his Bingo Gal on a space adventure and prepare to win thousands of bonus points. Look out for his special promotional games and if you get the full house here, you will win an extra 2BBs. Your neighbours will also win a bonus point, and in total, the Butler is giving away £6255 in points. Just pack a life support suit, pack a lunch and learn how to survive extremes space conditions and you will be having a lovely time on your seven year return journey to Mars!


Coming between May 26 and May 31 at Butlers Bingo is a £3850 BB’s Rhino Giveaway. Get a full house, one line or two lines here and the Butler will be dishing out loads of extra bonus points. Just don’t make the rhino angry by not playing!

Go for a spin with the Butler.

No game of bingo online is complete without a spin in the casino or mini games. Discover the excitement of fruit machines, video slots and roulette at Butlers Bingo. Play while you are waiting for your next game of bingo online to start or, set your games to automatic so you never need miss a number.

Mind your Ps and Qs

The Butler has made sure that his site is a relaxing, fun and safe place to visit. This is why he has a brilliant guide for new players, so if you are a newbie to bingo, let the Butler take you by the hand and show you round. Are we ready to play? Then sign at Butlers Bingo today for a £10 no deposit bonus and 200% deposit match.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 19, 2011