Paddy Power is a fabulous online bingo site and one that offers the new bingo player something special. You can get a lot of free bingo, and that may help you out when you decide to move to playing that pay bingo! One thing is that you can learn a lot about the game from those other Paddy Power players, because they are so friendly. Getting hints from online bingo players for a newbie is always nice. Of course you have the people at Paddy Power to thank for the free bingo offer though. Plus you can win some cash in these free rooms. Nothing like the taste of winning cash to make a newbie excited and want to continue to play more! Signing up for Paddy Power is something that is done easily, and you can be done in just a matter of minutes. It’s after that you will be finding a ton of fun, not only with the free bingo that you can play, but so many other games too.

Make sure that you get that chat name set up after you join with Paddy Power. Play a bit of regular bingo in the first week and that invite for the free room will come to you. Yes you do have to play a bit of the regular games first to get that invite, but still remember you are playing for real cash once you get this invite. Here are the steps put quite simply, sign up, place your deposit, and play some real money on a game. Once that is done you should be seeing that invite that will lead you to the free room for a lot of fun games. The free room will be something that will only take place on Saturday and will begin at 1 pm and last until 2 pm. So if you are expecting the invite for another day, it’s not going to come. Also at Paddy Power you do get a very nice welcome bonus at 200 percent!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 18, 2010