meccaDo you know what Mecca Bingo is doing this month? They will be giving away 20,000 GBP each week this month of January. Don’t you want to be involved in that chance to win? If you’re an online bingo player you will be heading over to Mecca Bingo before you even finish reading! That 20,000 pounds of money needs to be given away too each Saturday before the new week begins. You only need to play some 90 ball bingo and win to get your money. Though keep in mind that someone could be winning that some other time in the week; so play as often as you can during the week.

But don’t worry if you’re not the winner you still have a great chance to win. UK online bingo site, Mecca Bingo is giving away an extra 1,000 GBP that will be split between the people who have bought tickets for that game. What a great deal! So you win no matter what when you play at Mecca Bingo.This is not the only promotion that is currently going on at Mecca Bingo but it’s a great deal and one that you need to head over to their site right now and take part in. Remember that this 20,000 needs to be won by Saturday of each week. So if you know it hasn’t been won this week, what better day to start playing than now. Head on over and you will win no matter what in this game, though the grand prize would be the best deal. Again that is 20,000 GBP each week, so you have a lot of money that they are giving away this month at Mecca Bingo. Take your chance to win and maybe we will be writing about you soon!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on January 7, 2010