Yet another person has won the daily jackpot at Mecca, and taken in more than 10,000 GBP in doing so. The latest winner is Bevpercy, and congrats to her on the win of Monday night. This is one of those fabulous online bingo promotions that you will find at Mecca bingo and it’s been a big hit. Play some 90 ball bingo and you have a great chance to walk away with 10,000 GBP yourself! Or if you would rather play some 75 ball bingo you can still play for a jackpot of 1,000 GBP. That is also a daily offer that you will find only at Mecca Bingo. You can’t forget about those Session Bingo games that are going on too. Find those at Mecca on Tuesday nights one at 8 pm and the next at 9 pm. A great way to play some bargain bingo and still be playing at one of the best sites out there for online bingo.

You have some good money that is up for grabs in these games. The tickets can cost you around 3 pounds and you will be playing for 500 GBP. So it’s not a bad deal and the sessions will run for about 30 minutes each. Again if you want to get those tickets ahead of time that is possible. Because if you’re late showing up you will miss out, tickets will not be able to be bought once the games start. So buying ahead of time is suggested if you want to get in on this wonderful chance.

Also the Share the Wealth is a fabulous promotion that will soon be ending too. Here you have 10,000 GBP that is up for people to win. Plus Mecca has added in another 10,000 GBP for people who place at least 1 pound wager on Clover Rollover too. This promotion has seen 4 total people getting to share in the prize and taking away 2,500 GBP each. For more details you can head on over to Mecca and check it out for yourself! If you want to play for free you have that too at Mecca bingo. The 50 free play is a fabulous deal and it may mean more money that you have to spend playing bingo!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 10, 2010