Sure if you are a bingo lover you can understand why people are suddenly finding this game to be fun. It’s not a game that is only for the seniors out there in the world, but for the younger people too. Because it’s fun and normally it’s something that is a pretty cheap way to spend your free time, and you have a shot at winning money too!

Even many people are heading out to the bingo clubs and playing, because they’ve seen a nice increase and are doing better than they have in quite some time. They’ve seen the most visitors they have in the past four years. Now that is a great sign for many clubs who had been close to closing, they sure can use those players coming in and enjoying themselves.

Last month the average was around 10 percent higher when compared to last year at the same time. A very welcome change from the past years and something that even came as quite a surprise to many clubs, where they had cut the money they had used in the past on promoting the halls.

Really it’s just a way that many people have found is quite a fun way to spend a night. Playing a bit of bingo and not putting out a lot of money, a lot less than they would in going to the movies or some other choices. Plus again the fact that if you used the money you spent on bingo to go to another place, there is no chance to make money, but with bingo again you can win money.

So hopefully the trend will continue and more people will find out just how fun the game of bingo really is!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on February 26, 2011