Each month Foxy Bingo will give away at least 1 million pounds in guaranteed prizes; each month people who play at Foxy Bingo have a true shot at hitting those large and smaller amounts of money. For anyone who wins, they can tell you that a small win can be just as exciting as one of those huge jackpots. It may not change your life as much, but it’s great to win any amount of money at anytime! Starting yesterday they began a new program that will have those amounts increasing and being won every day of the week. Today it might be 1,000 that is up for grabs, the next day it will be 2,500, and another doubling to that amount by Thursday.

It’s a way that they are showing appreciation to those people who love to play at Foxy bingo. It’s not a coverall that you need to win in order to get those jackpots either. They’ve made it very simple to win and you could be the next winner! Yesterday the amount was 1,000 that would be up for grabs in those 90 ball games. And they were pre-buy tickets too. The tickets were offered at an amazing price of only 10p each. You have several chances to win this amount too. Going up to a wonderful 2,500 offered today at 9pm. So get there and be ready, the tickets will go up but only to 25p per ticket.

While Thursday that chance of a jackpot that will be 5,000 GBP is up for grabs. The tickets will again be a bit higher, but at only 50p per, they offer a great deal for anyone to play. Remember that you can buy these tickets ahead of time if you will not be home.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on February 2, 2010