Sure it’s a Moon Bingo day today, but it’s only because they seem to be having so many fabulous online bingo promotions going on right now. It was only recently that they redid the whole look of their online bingo site. So they are bringing it to the people and letting them know that the best online bingo promotions can be found only at Moon Bingo. Take the fun they have in store for you each Wednesday. You have penny madness for a wonderful prize! That’s right you pay only 1 p to play and you get to play for 1,111 GBP. What a deal and one of the best promotions that you will find anywhere on the internet right now for online bingo!

So to be ready for the next fabulous chance to play this promotion you need to be at Moon Bingo on July 7th the time to be there is 9 AM. You can get those tickets ahead of time so you don’t forget though. They do have these fabulous penny games going on each Wednesday though, and the times you can find them are from 4 pm until 6 pm. You will need to be a member of Moon Bingo to play though, but even if you are not funded you can enjoy the fun of these games too at Moon Bingo. Adding in extra money to those free online games too is another thing that Moon Bingo has done. So be there and check out those seven rooms you have to pick from that you can play in. You also should check out the specials that happen all the time at the new Moon Bingo! Signing up for an account at Moon you can get a match of 300 percent on your first deposit too.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 11, 2010