Gone Bingo is the site where you will find one of the best promotions going on right now for bingo online. That is if you like to win money they have a 5,500 GBP Giveaway that is going on right now. And it will be split up among the top sixteen players on their online bingo site. Not only will the top bingo winner get some money, but the top slot and instant game players are in this offer too. That means you can play any type of game and still have a shot at sharing in all that money at Gone Bingo.

The first place winner will get the biggest share of the prize by taking away 1,000 GBP. But those people who come in from second all the way down to fifth will get 100 GBP each too. For some reason the person who comes in sixth will get a nice prize of 500 GBP too. While those other players who come in from seventh until sixteenth will be getting 100 GBP each too.

You earn points to win in this game and the way to get those points is to play games. Like each time you spend at least 2 pounds on bingo games you will get a point. Each time you spend at least 20 pounds on slots you get a point, while 10 pounds spent on instant games will also earn you a point. This means play many games and you earn points and may come in the top 16 and take home some extra money.

What’s even better about this online bingo promotion is that those points that you earn can still be turned in for cash if you don’t win in this promotion. Each 100 points that you earn can be exchanged for 1 pound. So earning those points does come in handy. But you will need to at least get 20 points to qualify for the promotion.

Right now they are having a big bonus offer that can see you earning even more for that bonus that you place. This goes for redeposit and that always is a nice thing. Place money on your account from 10 pounds up to 19 and you will get 150 percent. But place on more and you can earn up to 350 percent. Check out their web page for more information on this fabulous offer.

If you live in the UK you can play at Gone Bingo UK if you live in the US you can play at Gone Bingo USA

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 19, 2010