Wink bingo is always looking for a new way to have fun and to offer their players much more. This time around it comes in a new style of bingo they plan to offer, Swedish Bingo. That’s right it’s pretty much the same as UK bingo or any other bingo out there, except for one huge difference, you have 5 lines you can win on! That’s right 5 chances to win money in a Swedish Bingo game, and it’s one that you want to try out. Who would not love the chance to win 5 times over in one game?

Plus when you join a site that Wink Bingo you’ll be with one of the members of that Joy of Bingo network. You know they are a great site and any of the places that are a member of this team will offer you some of the best promotions you’ll find around the internet.

Those other sites are Tasty, Red Bus and Posh Bingo. All four offer you the best promotions around, and sometimes they will overlap to the other sites as well. Like that chance they gave you last year for 25,000 pounds from each site. Surely they will come up with something else to offer this year!

So why not get over to Wink Bingo and check out this new style of bingo, Swedish Bingo? It really sounds like a fun game and who wouldn’t love the fact that you have again 5 chances to win. Think about that as you sign up as a member if you are not one yet at Wink Bingo too. Five times you could win in this new bingo game! Sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it?

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on February 26, 2011