If you’ve never been to Virgin Bingo you should check it out. They are one of the sites that looks to please their members. They have so many wonderful promotions that offer you many ways to win. Some of which you will spend very little money to play too. Each Monday they have a money saving way to play bingo. It’s called Penny Monday, and you pay only, you got it 1 p to play these bingo games. It goes on all day long at Virgin Bingo on each Monday!

While Tuesdays will give you a chance to get 20 percent of the money back that you have lost playing at Virgin Bingo. All you need is that bonus code of 20Tuesday and you will get some money back. Of course you do need to be a member and the losses will only be from Virgin Bingo games! But there is so much more that you can find to do when you head over to play at Virgin Bingo. Like the new King Kong slot game. It’s new and they have a promotion going on to introduce this new game. The promotion is through the bingo games, but the game itself is a wonderful bingo slot game. Check out the Virgin Bingo room Marrakesh on the following days Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 7:30 pm. Those tickets will cost you a mere 10 p each and you have a shot to win a prize of 500 GBP in this wonderful promotion.

What about some fun team bingo by playing on the Bingo Squadron? That’s right you can play with a team of other players to win some money at Virgin Bingo. They also have another new addition for an instant game they have called Casino Dice. If you guess how much the total of the dice when they are rolled comes out too you win. It cost 50 p to play!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 6, 2010